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kinops and Request CE Navigation and Overview


Walk-through of kinops functionality and consoles

What is kinops

We're using kinops to host our training environment for this class.

kinops is a software platform that provides teams the opportunity to work with both structured and unstructured processes.

kinops Walk-Through

Starting from the main portal for kinops, we will submit a sample request and get familiar with the consoles.

Includes links to all the different functions of kinops.


Selected and filled out the Cleaning Form

After submitting, this is the standard confirmation/activity page.

The Kinetic Task engine has started processing the submission, and now task are processing in the background.


kinops allows you to organize people in your organization into teams. With teams, you can set assignments, and have independent discussions.

Individual team screenshot


Queue is a fulfillment processing console that lets you work with both structured and unstructured tasks.

Queue is a Kapp that leverages both specific workflow, bundles and themes to process fulfillment related to services.


Admin console is the first stop to the management of kinops, and it has the links to get to the underlying consoles for Request CE.

The Management section is where we will focus our time during this calss.

Most importantly, the Admin Console has links to get to the underlying consoles for Request CE and Kinetic Task (not used in this class).

Request CE Consoles

Before starting to clone or create forms from scratch, here is a tour of the main consoles in Request CE.


After opening Request CE, change to the Service Kapp


The Overview console gets you some basic information on form use and submissions. It is the standard landing page if you click on the kapp name.

Select the link for Forms on the left of the console.


The list of forms has either a drop-down on the right to a standard set of actions or click on the Form name to see specific details. You can also use the fields on the right to sort by various options. The Name sort will search anywhere in the Form name and limit as you type.