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Introduction to class topics and terms then a walk-through of kinops Consoles.


Class Layout

The class is designed for someone new to kinops that's working to create a catalog for your organization. Articles and activities will briefly touch on normal usage of kinops, instead focusing on creation and maintenance of forms and data.

Each student has access to their own kinops instance.


Resources are available in two varieties

kinops documentation and help is available at

Guides, solutions, and resources for Request CE are available on Community.

User Guide



Internal Application Documentation

Some of the documentation is contained within Request CE. From the Help link in the top right corner of any of the consoles, select the Reference Docs link. Three topics are included, Java/Bundles, Javascript, and REST API.

These topics are also available through Community, but be aware that they are updated after any new release is available. Internal application docs are always the most up to date.


Here are some basic terms in use throughout the class.

kinops - A hosted collection of our Kinetic applications that provide a way to "Streamline Everyday Work for Teams".

Queue - Fulfillment system used within kinops.

Services - Collection of Forms used within kinops. They are structured in the model of a Service Catalog.

Discussion - Used within kinops to invite and discuss issues with a variety of people.

Space - A logical partition used for some types of multi-tenancy.  Spaces within an instance of the application live on the same database but contain their own data, permissions, and users.

Kapp - A collection of related forms within a Space. A service catalog is a typical example of a Kapp.  Kapp stands for "Kinetic Application".

Form - Basic presentation element for kinops and Request CE. Holds questions, text and other elements. Displayed using a bundle/theme.

Slug - URL-safe, friendly name representation used by forms and other resources within the application. Slugs are unique within a Kapp.

Bundle - Defines the user experience for a Kapp including theming/branding and functionality required for end-users to interact with an application.  A bundle consists of files such as JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Javascript, CSS, images and other resources required for a web application.

kinops Consoles

Available through the drop-down on the upper left, or along the left side of the main Portal.

To get to the Request CE consoles got to the Admin Console and click on the Kinetic Request link

Kapp Consoles

All of the available consoles are listed under each Kapp.

For the remainder of the class, I will refer to Catalog when describing a Kapp.

Default is the Overview console that includes two different graphs of Submissions, and a list of recently updated forms.


Options along the right side allow you to select a specific form, or filter to a set of forms.


This console holds management information for this Space. There is a separate System console that is covered later.

The default is the Overview console, similar to Kapps. The above Settings console is a little more interesting.

Goals for the class

Fun - please have fun. If you're not having fun, see the instructor.

Each article and activity has a specific goal. In general you should know the following at the end of class.

  • kinops navigation
  • console management in kinops
  • Form Creation including pages, questions, and text elements.
  • Bridge Resources
  • Consoles for managing Request CE