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App Tag Library

Kinetic Request CE provides an application tag library that contains tags for working with JSP content that gets inserted into the page head and body sections. It also contains a number of common helper functions for escaping different types of content, displaying human friendly file sizes, and converting from/to different serialization formats.

Getting Started


The app tag library can be declared with the following taglib directive:

<%-- bundle/initialization.jspf --%>
<%@taglib prefix="app" uri="" %>


<%-- layout.jsp --%>


The following tags are provided in the bundle tag library:


This tag is designed to be used in the <head> element of a layout JSP to render the contents of the core head content file, which includes all the necessary stylesheets and javascript files required by the core framework, and also initializes the form content. If the form contains any custom head content, the custom head content is rendered as part of this tag as well.



This tag is designed to be used in the <body> element of a display page JSP to render the form contents defined for that form.