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IDF guide rendered from cache

** Bridge Settings have been moved to the Space Console in Version 2.1**

Bridging allows you to access data from systems outside of Request CE. Examples include BMC Remedy, Salesforce, or ldap.

Kinetic Bridgehub is the application used to connect to remote systems. It comes loaded with all of our current bridges.

Installation and Configuration of bridge application is covered in the link above.

Bridge Definition

Connection to the bridge (Bridge Hub) is defined on the Bridges console.

To Add a new bridge connection click on the + Add Bridge button

Name. A descriptive name used to reference the bridge in other dialogs.

Status. Active, Inactive are the options. Active is the default.

URL. Normally provided in the Bridge Hub console for the specific bridge.


Key and Secret. Additional security information to encrypt the data

The other two console (Models and Mappings) are covered through the links below.