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Change the catalog jsp to not limit the categories & add category descriptions.

Change Category Navigation

We are changing the Category Navigation Bar to display all categories and have descriptions:



  1. Create multiple categories

  2. Remove the limit of categories displayed on the portal page

  3. Create “Description” and “Icon” attribute definitions

  4. Apply “Description” and “Icon” attributes to categories

  5. Update jsp code to display descriptions

Create multiple categories

  1. Navegate to Category Definitions.

Setup > Category Definitions > Add Category

  1. Create the following categories.

    1. Access

    2. Computers& Accessories

    3. Facilities

    4. Phones

    5. Managerial

    6. Remote Access

Remove the limit of categories displayed on the portal page

  1. Open kapp.jsp. 

  2. Do a search for c:forEach.

  3. Remove the end attribute.

 <c:forEach var="bundleCategory" items="${CategoryHelper.getCategories(kapp)}"


Create “Description” and “Icon”attribute definitions

  1. Select Setup tab

  2. Click the Attribute Definitions link.

  3. Click Category sub-tab.

  4. Click Add Definition link or button.

  5. Enter the word “Description” into the Name field. (Make sure that the first letter is capitalized.)

  6. Click the Save Attributes button.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 with replacing the word “Icon” in
    the Name field in step 5.

Apply “Description”attributes to categories

  1. Select the Setup tab.
  2. Click the Category Definitions link.
  3. Click a category Name link.
    Category Configuration.jpg
  4. Select "Description" from the attributes dropdown.
  5. Enter a description in the Value field.
  6. Click Add Attribute button.
  7. Click Save Categories button.

Apply“Icon” attributes to categories

  1. Click a category Name link
  2. Select "Icon" from the attributes dropdown
  3. Enter a Font Awesome Icon name into the Value field.
  4. Click Add Attribute button.
  5. Click Save Categories button.

Apply categories to a form

  1. Select the Author tab.
  2. Click Forms link.
  3. Select a form by Clicking the Name link.
  4. Select Categories sub tab.
  5. Select the Category form the dropdown.
  6. Click Add Category button.
  7. Click Save Categories button.
  8. Repeat to add all Categories.

Update jsp code to display descriptions

  1. Open kapp.jsp
  2. Do a search for truncate
  3. Remove "truncate nav__text" from the class attribute.
  4. Change the <div> tag to <h3>
  5. Add the following code below the <h3> tag
  1. Save the file.
  2. Refresh catalog page.