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Change Company Name and Add Logo

Change Company Name

We are changing the name from Triangle Corp. to Parallelogram, LLC:



  1. Navigate to Catalog Kapp Console

  2. Update Company Name Attribute

  3. Add Company Logo

Navigate to Management Console

  1. Open the Training Space page 
    URL: http://<your server/ip address>:8080/kinetic
  2. Click on user next to the ce training:

  3. Click Login in the upper right hand corner. 
    login with:

    1. Username:           Password: training

    2. Username: tom.trainer             Password: trainer

  4. "Duplicate" the tab or open another tab and paste in
    URL: http://<your server/ip address>:8080/kinetic/ce-training
  5. Select user to the right of "Bundle Training Triangle".  This will open the catalog portal page.
  6. In the other tab Select manage to the right of "Bundle Training Triangle".  This will open the Management Console.

Update Company Name Attribute

Navigate to the Kapp Attributes

  1. Select the Setup tab.

  2. Select the Kapp link.

  3. Select the Attributes tab.
    Kapp Console 1.jpg

Update Company Name Attribute

  1. Find the attribute with the name "Company Name" and change the value from Triangle Corp. to Parallelogram LLC.
  2. Click the Save Kapp Attributes button to save the changes.
  3. Return to the catalog page and Refresh to view changes.

Add Company Logo

The new company came with a new logo that needs to replace the company name text in the header.

Return to the Management Console.

  1. Select "Logo Url" from the dropdown
  2. Enter (copy/paste) /kinetic/app/bundles/ce-training/bundle-training-triangle/images/parallelogram-logo.png into the Value.
  3. Click the Add Attribute button.
  4. Click the Save Kapp Attributes button.
  5. Refresh the catalog page to view changes.