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2. Configuring Bridges and Models

The Bridges tab shows connection data.

What is a "Bridge"?

On the Bridges tab, a "Bridge" consists of a Bridge Name that points to a Bridge URL.


  • Bridge Name -- anything you like.
  • Bridge URL -- The Bridge Path as defined in the Bridge Administrator Console.

How do I find the correct Bridge Path (Bridge URL)?

Each type of bridge has its own administrator console URL.  The standard naming convention for the URL is this:


Here's a specific example for the Action Request bridge console:

The default Username and Password for all bridge consoles is admin/admin.


Notice that the Bridge Path in the Ars Bridge administrator console is the same as the Bridge URL in the Kinetic Bridge Manager.

How do Bridges relate to Models?

A bridge relates to a model when you create Model Mappings.


  • Model Name: The model you picked in the Select a Model field.
  • Name: A Mapping Name that you provide.
  • Bridge Name: The name of the Bridge, selected from the drop-down list.
  • Structure: An unfortunately named field that refers to the target form name, table name, etc.