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Advanced Tab

Contains background information on the question.


The Advanced tab has only two fields that you would rarely change.

Example of Advanced Tab:

advanced tab.JPG

FieldMapNumber determines if the answer to the question is part of the 128 Answer Viewers for the survey template. These 128 fields are referenced in the qualification builders, and some mapping actions. It does not mean that you are limited to 128 questions - there is no limit to the number of questions - but you may need to monitor what your Field Map Numbers are if you have a large number of questions. Questions in a service item cannot have the same FieldMapNumber (this is by survey template - each template has its own set of 128 Answer Viewers).

Do Not Map lets you exclude a question from mapping. This useful for questions like summaries that you know will never be part of qualifications.

Survey Instance ID is the Remedy instance Id of the survey template and can be useful for searching Remedy tables - read-only.

Question Instance ID is the Remedy instance Id of the question and can be useful for searching Remedy tables - read-only.

Internal Id is a legacy field for older versions of the application that had Question Number as a required field.